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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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years your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon. i'm allen martin. he was killed 66 years ago while flying a bombing mission over germany in world war ii. today, a u.s. airman from oakland was buried with full
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military honors. his remains finally recovered and identified. anne makovec in colma at the site. ceremony. >> reporter: i have to say, allen, this was the least sad funeral service i have been to because there was a sense of relief that finally this was happening. burial just wrapped up behin me in colma. he has been dead almost 7 decades. the sergeant is believed to have died in germany fighting in world war ii in 1944. he and serve other crewmen were flying a bombing mission over berlin when their plane a b-24 similar to this one crashed near a small german town north of han over. he hasn't been heard from since. while his crewmembers have been found in the area, john's final resting place remained a mystery. >> i put a note on a b-24 site
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that does anybody have any information about my brother? and i got this deluge of information. >> reporter: turns out that in 2003 a german citizen began excavating the crash site and found more human remains. the u.s. military official came to dig more finding john's name tag. his family flew there and spoke with the people who lived nearby. >> what they said was, the plane almost hit the house it had some big pieces, the german army took off. the rest are plowed under. it was like a time capsule for over 60 years. >> reporter: the final piece of the puzzle john's dna matched with his sister's confirming the identification in june. john had been found. and while no one can bring the lost decades back to his family. there is peace knowing he is laid to rest in the holy cross cemetery in colma. >> today is not sad. i'm glad he's home.
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it's a little sad thinking about he could have been with us and had a family but i'm glad everything happened the way it did. >> reporter: his mother died at age 101 in 2004. so she was able to know that his remains had been found but unfortunately she couldn't be here for the funeral. >> if his sister did this on her own through the net, makes you wonder what other families could do that and what to would mean to them. >> reporter: it could have been once they found his name tag they would have contacted her anyway. but anytime your evening the lines of communication, there's a chance of finding more clues. >> absolutely. all right anne makovec in colma. it's been a year since hasanni campbell is missing. his foster father is still the
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primary suspect. he reported the child missing in oakland's rockridge neighborhood. later that month both foster parents were arrested and released later due lack of evidence. they have since moved out of state. still, investigators believe hasanni is the victim foul play and believe ross is responsible. >> as an investigator, police officer, as a father, and i have to live with this every day and i would love to bring louis ross to justice and have closure to the community and family and everybody else. >> at 4:00 this afternoon, there is going to be a rally outside the district attorney's office in oakland to raise awareness about the hasanni campbell case. and then tonight, at 7:00, a prayer vigil is going to be held at westminster hill presbyterian church in hayward. an 18-year-old is behind bars this afternoon for the deadly shooting of a foreign tourist near san francisco's union square. 50-year-old mechthild schroeer from germany died instantly when a stray bullet hit her in
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the head sunday evening. the victim and her husband were celebrating their anniversary when she was shot near their hotel. the husband left san francisco last night. >> we embraced and my heart just went out to him. my heart went out to him. i began to weep. >> this was a party for children. it should be safer. that underscores my anger and frustration. >> police say mechthild schroeer was killed outside a party for teenagers that had been overbooked. she was hit when two groups of teenagers started shooting at each other. a livermore woman has delayed a plea on felony charges of having sex with two teenaged boys. 42-year-old christine hubbs made her first court appearance yesterday in pleasanton. according to police, hubbs made advances on one of the boys when he was just 14 years old and was
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dating her daughter. investigators say the other teenager was 14 and ended a relationship with hubbs last month. she is in bail on over $4 million bail. a santa clara county supervisor proposes a new law that would require pit bull owners to have their dogs spayed or neutered inspired by a recent attack in contra costa county where pit bulls were blamed for killing a 2-year-old boy. elected leaders there are planning legislation in response to that. some local governments already have similar ordinances including gilroy, san francisco, sonoma county. the proposed law in santa clara county would only apply to the unincorporated areas. governor schwarzenegger is in the bay area today talking about the challenges of passing a state budget which is late by the way. speaking to the san jose silicon valley chamber of committee, he said he hopes the legislators will release a budget within the next two or three weeks. he wants to use california's budget problems as an
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opportunity for reform. >> one of the things i'm propose something to have a budget reform so that we save money for the rainy day fund and use that money when our economy goes down and when there's less revenue so we have enough money for, you know, the vulnerable citizens, higher education and so forth. >> he added pensions for state employees need to come down. he says the total amount went up 2500% in the last 10 years. an alameda county judge is blocking the governor's plans for another round of state worker furloughs. the junk has issued a temporary re-- the judge has issued a temporary restraining order. last year he reinstated furlough fridays for thousands of government employees. the governor's office will appeal the ruling. a hearing will be held next month. a new deal could put more cops on the streets of oakland. police officers have agreed to increase payments to their retirement plans to 9% by the year 2013. in return, they will get a
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guarantee of no layoffs for three years. the agreement depends on passage of a ballot measure in november to increase property taxes, one of four tax measures on the city ballot in november. a short time ago relearned former alaska senator ted steven was killed in a remote plane crash in alaska a former chief of nasa believed to be a passenger on the plane. his fate is unknown. initial reports indicate that there are some survivors. terrell brown reports. >> reporter: rescue crews and federal investigators worked to reach the crash site in southwest alaska. the plane believed to be carrying former republican senator ted stevens and former nasa director sean o'keefe went down monday about 20 miles north of the city of dillingham. the ntsb said it appears four of the nine people on the small private aircraft survived the crash. severe weather is hampering the effort and it's not known whether stevens or o'keefe are among the dead. stevens survived a plane crash in 1978 that killed his first
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wife and several others. he was appointed to the senate 10 years earlier and served longer than any other republican in history. >> i will never stop fighting for the people of alaska. >> yeah! >> reporter: over four decades he directed billions of federal dollars to projects in his home state including the fine must bridge to nowhere -- the infamous bridge to nowhere. corruption allegations caught one his in 2008, convicts in a federal trial and narrowly lost his battle for re-election. >> may god bless the senate and every member of this body. i yield the floor for the last time. >> reporter: in a statement stevens' family thanked rescuers for their efforts. terrell brown, cbs news. everybody has an opinion on this guy. the flight attendant who was fed up with his job stormed off the plane, up next, hear from a passenger who witnessed the whole thing. and a major announcement about the swine flu. the new phase the pandemic is now entering. i'm sure many of you are probably fed up with the cool temperatures across the bay
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some people say he is a hero, others say he is a jerk. the flight attendant who argued with a passenger then jumped down the plane's evacuation slide faced a judge this morning. steven slater is in trouble with the law but manuel gallegus shows us, many people are relating to his story. >> reporter: the flight attendant who passengers say flipped out could soon be free on bail. in a new york court steven slater was charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespass for what happened when this jet blue plane touched down monday at kennedy airport.
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>> he swore at a passenger and we, the few of us that were still waiting to get off thought, that's weird. nobody ever swears on the intercom. somebody's going to be in trouble. >> reporter: apparently a passenger refused slater's instructions to sit down and accidentally hit slater in the head while removing is overhead bag. then witnesses say the passenger cursed out the flight attendant. moments later slater got on the p.a. system and cursed at the passenger. he inflated the evacuation slide, grabbed two beers and jumped out. passengers on the flight saw him later in the terminal. >> he seemed pretty relieved that he was done working for jetblue. >> the 39-year-old was later arrested at his new york home. bail is set at $2,500 and if convicted at trial he could face up to 7 years in prison. slater's neighbors say he is under a lot of stress because he is caring for his mother,
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who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. >> he has been a great neighbor and coming back and forth he takes care of his mother a lot. >> his outburst is applauded online. messages on his facebook page include way to go and you are my new hero. manuel gallegus, cbs 5, queens, new york. continental airlines is now showing off the airplane of the future which actually is pretty soon going to become reality this is the boeing 787 dreamliner. it's going to have larger windows, more spacious cabins, increased overhead storage space. continental is offering a preview in a mock fuselage in a convention in houston. the cabin has electrochromatic window shades giving passengers the ability to dim the light that comes through the windows, ambient lighting creating a sent of sky overhead. the brightness is controlled by the crew. continental will be the first u.s. carrier to take delivery of the dreamliner next year. it's official? >> the swine flu pandemic is
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over. it's the announcement today from the world health organization. it says the pandemic has largely run its course and is no longer a threat to widespread population. it killed more than 18,000 people worldwide since april 2009. the world health organization is moving into a post pandemic phase. 16 months ago the agency issued this ominous warning. >> it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic. >> that was the director of the world health organization margaret shannan april of last year. she announced this year that the pandemic is open but countries should keep an eye on patterns of infection. crews have drilled two miles under the gulf of mexico and hope to finish the drilling
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and plug the blown-out well with mud and cement. bp isn't planning to stop despite thunderstorms in the eastern gulf of mexico. are you still one of those drivers who holds the cell phone to your here? by now, you should probably know that's illegal but coming up, find out what will really happen if you get caught on this zero tolerance day. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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today is the day chp is cracking down on drivers who talk on their cell phones without a hands-free device. it's zero tolerance in the bay area today. chp says cell phone usage is the leading cause of distracted driving accidents across california. anybody caught talking or texting on a cell phone while driving could be fined $200. they say a main goal here is to really raise at awareness. people aren't seeing the big picture. driving a motor vehicle is a challenging task within itself and anytime your eyes or your attention is diverted from the road for over one to two seconds you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation. >> that charter bus driver really scares me. chp plans a second zero tolerance day a week from tomorrow. last year nearly 600 drivers
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were ticketed in the bay area. >> i think we should have a zero tolerance fog day. >> if only it were that easy. would you ticket me every time there was nothing is. >> $200. >> can't pay it. >> put it in the kitty. >> one big kitty! >> well... >> i know. it won't be -- it will be a roar. it won't be anything like that. here's a look outside and we are looking out toward the bay bridge. this afternoon we still have plenty of clouds out there. thank you, allen. plenty of clouds agains across the bay area for today. that's going to remain the drill especially along the coast line. so we are going to take a look at some of our coastal conditions for today and it's been a lot like the past couple of days. low clouds and fog, cool temperatures. up to 60 degrees from this afternoon up to 70 around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. and mild temperatures with plenty of sunshine inland but temperatures still about 10 degrees blow average lower otherwise today. for tonight all those clouds along the coast push well inland even some drizzle because the clouds are still relatively low. and that will give us overnight lows in the lower to the mid to
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the upper 50s. we will remain cool to mild so we picked four cities to give you four examples of how cool it is. it typically feels like 69 in san francisco this time of the year. 38 santa rosa. 48 san jose. 87 degrees in concord. we are calling it mild and unseasonably cool because in san francisco, 8 degrees below normal. 37 in santa rosa. 10 degrees below normal. 7 degrees off the mark in san jose and concord typically at 87, today 78 degrees. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities and again they are going to be cool, as well. lower 70s in hayward, also 27 in union city, lower 70s in fremont. east bay location, pittsburg, brentwood, danville, livermore. closer to the bay we from the 80s to the 640s eiffel trade you. 46 in alameda. and 36 degrees in berkeley. north bay lower to the mid-70s
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in napa, sonoma and petaluma. 72 in moves into. 74 kentfield, 70 mill valley and barely getting into the 60s in san francisco and in sausalito. so we are cooling, mild, you know, i'm like tracy, enough, enough, i know. but you know what? take a look. thursday, friday and saturday we are finally warming back up. we have not seen seasonal temperatures for much of the bay area since the middle of july. so it's going to be about a month before we see temperatures this seasonal. sunday and monday, lower 90s. 60s at the coast. i'm getting excited just thinking about it. here's a look at our mypix photo for the noon hour. point reyes, beautiful day at the lighthouse. nice photo. if you have one you want to show off, go to you can send it in and i will show it off. >> you won't charge. >> and i won't charge like some people who want to charge. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i got expenses! >> you? hello??? [ laughter ] >> yeah.
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thank you. up next is levi johnston following in the footsteps of sarah palin? we'll show you his next move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i have been i steer. well, today's tip of the day is going to be watermelon for one or two the mini watermelons are becoming more and more popular.
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let's face it. sometimes watermelon is 20 pounds, you throw it away. this is one for two you can't beat it. nice colors all the way around. the underbelly should be for yellow than white very important. this is the part that's on the ground when it's picked so the longer it stays on the ground, the shuck gar comes, this it will turn yellow. too early it will be white. that you don't want. heavy for its size means it's packed for wonderful sugar. store them on the counter. the unused portion always store it in the refrigerator. remember, it's watermelon 90% water. so if you leave them on the counter for too long, you will have juice all over the kitchen. dolcinea melons for one or two, i say for one. i cut one in half and scoop it out and i'm enjoying it! i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> one would need a hot day around here to enjoy that, tony. coming up tonight at 5:00, ring, check. marriage application, check. we are going to meet a guy who has been hagging out at city
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hall just ready for the judge to lift -- hanging out at city hall just ready for the judge to lift the ban. we'll have that at 5:00. the next move for levi johnston. a run for political office? the 20-year-old father of sarah palin's grandson serious about running for city council or mayor in wasilla, alaska, where sarah palin got her start. council election in october, next mayoral election 2011 part of a reality tv show. [ laughter ] >> are you shocked? >> no. ,,,,
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